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Mold Remediation Services in

Seattle and Surrounding Areas

From Seattle, Everett, Olympia, Tacoma, and everywhere in between, our western Washington mold remediation and sanitization procedures can eliminate damage and deterioration like no other service on the market. With the high density of moisture throughout the Pacific Northwest, homes and building interiors are more susceptible to the accumulation of mold, foul odors, and biofilms.

Our own patented Dry Fog technology destroys ALL mold cell growth without the need of sledge hammers or axes. Old methods have traditionally required the demolition of sheetrock or wooden abutments to rid interiors of odors or mold accretion. With our currently patented methods of remediation, tiny micron particles bounce throughout interiors to seek and destroy mold growth on a cellular level, ensuring your living space is free of ALL potential mold growth within minutes. Better yet, the particles are so microscopic, surfaces won’t suffer from any residual moisture.

If ridding your home or office of mold isn’t enough, our EverPURE application provides mold-free environments for a verified 90 days of protection. Our anti-microbial residue leaves no noticeable film on surfaces, but acts like a protective shield for any potential bacteria or harmful viruses. This guarantees your surroundings are sanitized and secured from the threat of lingering pathogens for months to come.