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Mold Remediation Services in

Spokane and North Idaho

For those in Spokane, north Idaho, and surrounding areas, the likeliness of mold and sanitization needs can be just as necessary as the most humid of environments. Our patented services will meet the demand to provide your home, business, or office space with the means to eliminate mold and odors without the traditional demolition of the past.

With our own InstaPURE and EverPURE patented technologies, we can guarantee the elimination of mold for at least 90 days after just one application. Microscopic particles from our Dry Fog technology are released to saturate infected surfaces with a dry vapor, neutralizing any surface from mold or bacteria without the residual wetness of older technologies. Previous methods have relied upon wet droplets which negatively affect the integrity and molecular coverage, resulting in inefficient elimination of pathogens while leaving surfaces more susceptible to the threat of mold over time.

Our guaranteed methods are muscle tested, safe for people, and non-toxic to plants or pets. If you feel your interior could benefit from sanitization and mold remediation, contact us today for a free online estimate.