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Air Quality Tests

If needed, Pure Maintenance provides air quality testing, tape testing, and ERMI testing to determine where the mold is in your home.

  1. Air quality testing is the most common form of testing in the industry, and usually requires a 75-liter air sample from inside the building that is pulled through a small filter.
  2. Tape tests are good for determining the type of mold if you can visually see mold growth in your home.
  3. ERMI testing: A good test for determining the overall 'mold load' in a home. Does not tell you much about a current mold situation though. These tests are taken by pulling mold and dust from a carpet with a vacuum and filter system."
  4. Air Spore Viability Testing: Best test for determining whether or not the mold in your home is living (and thus able to produce micro toxins) or not. This is also the best test to determine whether a remediation treatment was successful or not. This test is done by sampling 75 liters of air and having the lab attempt to culture or regrow any airborne spores that are trapped.

Each test will be run through an independent third-party lab, and an analysis and report will be returned to the homeowner to help determine the best course of action.